• Geneva to Chamonix
    Some airport transfers provide the opportunity to take in some breath-taking scenery en-route. Geneva to Chamonixis the type of and it'll whet your appetite for the holiday ahead.

    Chamonix Transfers

    This is perhaps one of the best-known ski and Alpine leisure resorts. It's famous as the site from the first ever winter Olympics which is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Europe. One of them is the legendary Mont Blanc, that is stated as being in Chamonix but which, the truth is, actually sits partly within an adjacent commune and partly in Italy.

    The city is surrounded by excellent summer and winter sporting and holiday facilities.

    It's also known for its nightlife and après-ski, which kicks off around 4pm and proceeds until 4am - for the people with the stamina! Additionally it is close to the equally famous Mont Blanc tunnel linking France and Italy - in the case of the latter to Courmayeur. Reference to Italy's Aosta valley resorts and those in Switzerland, is thus easy.

    Getting there

    The closest airport of sizing is Geneva at around 90kms and Geneva to Chamonix transfers are fast and frequent. If you automatically associate the idea of airport transfers with rather tedious journeys on motorways through industrial suburbs, then plan for a surprise!

    The improve is spectacularly beautiful and offers some unparalleled scenic views over the mountains and along the surrounding valleys. In fact, some might actually claim that the Geneva to Chamonix transfer is a good part of the holiday itself.

    Additionally it is perfectly possible to drive to Chamonix from eastern channel ports such as Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk and Zeebrugge. You'll need to allow about nine hours, based on your own driving techniques and traffic. You can also get there by train and the line has the distinction to become one of the steepest gradients on a standard railway from any location.

    Wider attractions

    Should you either get sick and tired with the slopes and mountains or perhaps would like to combine an altitude holiday to forms of pastime, Chamonix is able to deliver. The relative proximity to Geneva ensures that you would have the opportunity to understand more about this interesting and ancient city. Montreux and Lausanne may also be within a relatively easy reach within the wider Swiss arena.

    If you love sophistication and ancient history, Lyon is an easy 150-kilometre drive to the west. It is a beautiful city and worthy of going out of your way to check out. Once through the Mont Blanc tunnel, much of northern and sout eastern Italy is also within relatively simple reach, including the great cities of Turin and Milan. It is a great chance to try many of the incomparable northern Italian cuisine.

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